Music For Boredom

Hellooooo readers!

I’m stuck at golf camp aka I have no time to do anything except maybe binge watch YouTuber danisnotonfire before bed and not get sleep. So I don’t have a review today. Sorry y’all.


Ha just kidding. I have been forced by the worst person in the world (nah she’s not… Whoops I have revealed her gender) to write this post even though I don’t have time.

Anyways, I have a roommate who has the same music taste as me so there’s usually music playing in our room. So I was inspired to write this post, whether you’re on a car trip or you need to drown out your life, I hope this list of songs can help you.

So now, I present, MY TOP 10 FAVORITE SONGS. As the aforementioned worst person once said, your favorite songs aren’t the ones that you listen to all the time, but the ones that you never get sick of. Or at least I think that’s what she said but I have a memory span of approximately 2 seconds so I don’t actually know.

In no particular order (excluding the first one), only songs with lyrics (or else I would pull all my hair out deciding jk I already have)… Ok I’ll stop stalling now.

1) Hero by Family of the Year. I bet you weren’t surprised. I’m probably impacted by this song a lot because of Boyhood (which you should watch or FINISH IN SOME CASES).

2) The Giving Tree by Plain White T’s. It’s basically a lullaby. A very, very depressing lullaby.

3) Au Revoir by OneRepublic. One of the prettiest songs I’ve ever heard.

4) Step by Vampire Weekend. When I was in dance class some people danced to it. My group used the song Reflections, which I now hate because it’s pitchy and annoying (I mean I always disliked it but now I hate it). But this song is cool.

5) Some Nights by Fun. Other than the terrible, terrible T-Pain-like autotuned part of the song it’s totally awesome.

6) Pompeii by Bastille. Best listened to with headphones on. The sound travels from one ear to the other. It’s like magic.

7) I Lived by OneRepublic. A song to remind you to live. Which we all need. Because 99% of us are dead.

8) To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra. It reminds me of Harry Potter. I cried. (If you don’t understand this reference watch Snape’s Diary.

9) Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine. It was in Twilight but I DONT CARE BECAUSE NOW IM A FAT HOUSE CAT NURSING MY SORE BLUNT TONGUE.

10) Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s. It used to be my favorite song… That is back when I didn’t listen to music.

And now for some honorable mentions, aka the songs I like that I didn’t feel like adding a description for. There are a lot.

Demons by Imagine Dragons, On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons, Warriors by Imagine Dragons, Battle Cry by Imagine Dragons, Immortals by Fall Out Boy, Holiday by Green Day, Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men, Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men, Burning Bridges by OneRepublic, What You Wanted by OneRepublic, Beautiful Crime by Tamer, East of Eden by Zella Day, Drive By by Train, The a Team by Ed Sheeran, Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood, Running Up That Hill by Placebo, Ain’t It Fun by Paramore, Take A Walk by Passion Pit, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, Renegades by X Ambassadors

Wow this post was disorganized. WELL THATS WHAT COMES OUT OF WRITING THINGS IN A RUSH. Lesson learned: don’t procrastinate things. So go do your summer work bye.


Into The Woods: A Tragic Attempt at the Movie Musical

Grade: B


Despite its all star cast, Into the Woods falls flat on its face with awkward timing, bad special effects, and strange musical numbers which would have been better had it been on stage rather than in a movie.

I went to watch the movie on a day where I had nothing to do, partially because I was bored and partially because the movie had a decent rating.

When I walked into the movie theater, I assumed that Into the Woods would be a perfectly normal movie (if such a thing exists). However, the moment the characters opened their mouths and started singing, my reaction was something like



And now a brief history on the movie adaptation of a musical: there’s a reason why they were made for the stage and not for the screen.

I’ll admit, however, that in the past most on stage musicals have done pretty well in a movie setting. West Side Story, My Fair Lady, and The Sound of Music only represent a fraction of the fantastic movie adaptations from great musicals. In fact, movie musicals have won a plethora of awards, including many academy awards, in the past.

And then, 2014 came around.

2014 can be hailed as the year where movie representations of musicals fell flat on their faces. What with Annie, which achieved miserably mediocre ratings, and now Into the Woods.


Into the Woods starts off with a nice, multilayered musical number that introduces all the characters: Cinderella, a maid whose only dream is to go to the prince’s ball; Jack, a rather slow and stupid boy who desperately wishes not to be parted from his cow (yes, very weird); a baker and his wife, who wish to have a baby; Little Red Riding Hood, who steals food from the baker and pretends it’s for her grandmother; and finally the witch, who wishes to be young once more.

The witch promises that the baker and his wife can have a child as long as they collect four items: a cow as white as milk, a cape as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn, and a slipper as pure as gold.

One way or another, all the characters somehow find themselves entering the strange and mysterious woods, with the baker and his wife appearing at every corner to attack each character in order acquire an item.

More characters are introduced along the way, each stupider than the last. First, the two princes, who really show their ignorance in the musical “Agony,” where each prince tries to show that he is in more pain than the other. They stand on the edge of a waterfall, leaping over rocks and ripping their shirts open, proclaiming their deep and unwavering pain. In today’s teenage terms, that musical number is probably closest to the phrase, “the struggle is real.”


And then you meet Rapunzel, who is totally incapable with dealing with her own life. Honestly, if you want a non-weepy, independent, and cooler representation of Rapunzel, go watch Tangled.

Ultimately, the movie is a complete bust until you enter the last 30 minutes. Then, complexities start to appear and the characters begin to actually go through character development. But at that point nobody’s paying attention to the movie anymore – at that point everyone’s just waiting to get out of the movie theater.

Basically, the entire movie is at least an hour too long. Go watch this movie if you have patience. Or if you want to get bored to death.