Then I Remember My Favorite Bands…

Hey y’all I’M BACK IN THE USA! So it’s back to school season (well it is at least for me) and I know that all the teenagers out there in the world are really depressed right now. I also happen to know that the majority of you teenagers out there neglected your summer HW and you’ve probably done absolutely nothing to boost your intelligence or maintain your knowledge this summer. I say probably because there are those exceptions amongst us that we must strive to be. Anyhow, luckily I have a post right HERE that gives you some nice YouTube channels that you can procrastinate-watch which also (gasp) help you learn stuff so you’re not as screwed.


Now that that self advertising is done, I have literally nothing to write. Since I’ve been in China, the only thing I’ve done is read my summer reading books and I’m not ready to bore you all with my deep and completely wrong thoughts about Frankenstein just yet. There was also no YouTube there. And the best movie in theaters was this kids movie called Return of the Monkey King which, BTW, looks fantastically stupid. There were airplane movies but I only watched Age of Ultron because there was nothing else really worth watching… but even that wasn’t as amazing because it was censored (thanks China) and cropped weirdly.


So… yeah. First world problems rant done. LET’S MOVE ON.

Since basically the only thing I could do in China was buy and listen to music, I’ll review that. I KNOW THESE MUSIC REVIEWS ARE BORING SHUSH – I’ll have a book review coming sometime in the next two weeks… probably.

Anyways, recently (meaning in the past year) I’ve gotten into bands. I’m kind of sad that I haven’t before, but then again I didn’t really listen to music before. So now, without further ado, HERE ARE MY TOP 5 FAVORITE BANDS. In reverse order. BECAUSE I HAVE AN ORDER!


5) Plain White T’s. Apparently they’re a pop punk band but I listen to most of their… chiller songs. But anyways even their songs with more intense or quicker beats sound innocent and happy. They’re number 5 on my list because I wish they’d write more songs like Rhythm of Love. I need more songs in my “Sleep” playlist…

Favorite songs: Giving Tree, Rhythm of Love


4) Imagine Dragons. They were probably one of the first bands I ever listened to obsessively (partially because in 7th grade everyone in my camp was obsessed with them. And who could forget how popular Radioactive got.) Anyways, I started really liking rock because of them; their beat was just amazing and listening to them with headphones for the first time was like OH MY GOD. Unfortunately I think that I listened to them too much – now a lot of my favorite songs by them don’t have the same magic they used to. LESSON LEARNED: DON’T LISTEN TO SONGS TOO MANY TIMES. Who am I kidding I still listen to the same song 100 times a day.

Favorite songs: On Top of the World, Radioactive, Demons, Battle Cry, Warriors


3) Of Monsters and Men. This band has a super unique sound (probably because of the lead singer). OMAM is an indie folk and pop band, so as expected there’s acoustic guitars instead of electric guitars (which makes it 100x better and their sound is a lot friendlier). I can’t imagine the band using an electric guitar… that would suck so much. Back in the days when I used to buy entire albums (don’t worry it was only a week before I came to my senses), I bought their entire My Head Is an Animal album. It was probably a good thing I liked all their songs because if I didn’t I might’ve cried in a hole.

Favorite songs: Little Talks, Lakehouse, Yellow Light, Mountain Sound, Dirty Paws


2) Fall Out Boy. I know like half of tumblr and most of nerd culture is totally obsessed with them. I went to a nerd camp this summer and if you played Uma Thurman everyone started jamming out to it. But that’s just because everyone WANTS TO DANCE LIKE UMA THURMAN. The beat to every song is insane and doing anything while listening to those songs becomes the most epic thing of your life. Riding a plane? EPIC METAL TUBE OF JUSTICE! Jogging? YOU’RE JOGGING TO SAVE THE WORLD! Doing HW? Never mind nothing can make HW epic.

Favorite songs: My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark, Immortals, Uma Thurman


1) OneRepublic. MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BAND. OneRepublic is probably the reason why I started buying music in the first place. My friend suggested I Lived and Life in Color, and then I just bought the entire Native album. Even though OneRepublic is primarily an alternative rock / pop rock band, their songs seem to vary a lot. Just listen to Au Revoir and then Counting Stars and then I Lived: they sound vastly different. But don’t worry about the album being incongruous or something because every song sounds hella good together. Somehow. I don’t know guys it’s just OneRepublic magic.

Favorite songs: Au Revoir, I Lived, Life in Color, Good Life, Marching On