Weekly Update #1

This is not going to be a regular thing but considering that so much entertainment stuff happened this week both to me and to the fandom world(s) I have to make an update. Actually only three things happened. BUT ALL OF THEM ARE IMPORTANT… sort of. It’s also because I don’t have time to make a legitimate post.


First of all, Doctor Who season 9 began! I did not watch the pilot. I heard Maisie William is in it and that’s pretty much enough to convince me to watch it… during winter break.

Second of all, I finished Parks and Recreation! For those of you who have never been on tumblr (losers… who have lives), you probably know Parks and Rec as that one show that generates all those posts and stuff. But it’s so much more. Even though it’s a comedy I cried in the last episode. There will probably be a post about it coming up in the next week.


(Ron is literally my spirit animal)

Third, AKA JESSICA JONES PREMIERE ANNOUNCEMENT IS OUT BEEP BEEP BEEP CODE RED ALERT MARVEL FANDOM ARISE. There are also some photos you can probably find from Google (yes, David Tennant is in it for all of you who don’t know… for some reason a lot of people didn’t know). And here is the premiere announcement below (yes that IS an Of Monsters and Men Song).

NOVEMBER 20TH I’M SO EXCITED. It’s perfect. I want it to be the title sequence. But it’s also not very informative, as Marvel does it’s usual “it’s a teaser and you have to dig for easter eggs” crap. You can hear David Tennant saying “Jessica” four times if you listen carefully enough. But you know, as a professional at this I can extrapolate meaning from extensive wikipedia-ing of Marvel comics. And YouTube comments because those are actually very helpful sometimes. But most of the time it’s haters.


David Tennant is playing this character called the Purple Man (not the Purple Guy, as per Five Nights at Freddy’s… which probably no one knows or cares about), aka Dr. Killgrave. See what I did there with the AKA? Ignore me.


Purple Man happens to be able to control minds, and in the comic books he especially likes controlling Jessica’s mind, so basically the fact that David Tennant says “Jessica” four times means that HE WILL BE CONTROLLING JESSICA’S MIND. MIND CONTROL MADNESS.

Also Luke Cage is gonna make his first appearance (woot woot get ready for his show next year).

Okay all those obvious things aside (because I don’t want to figure out what the rest of the trailer means), this show looks like it’s going to be as dark and gritty or probably even darker and grittier than Daredevil. *Cue excitement*


Well that’s all the news from my life!



Ant-Man: The Filler Before Civil War

Grade: A/A-


Paul Rudd be rocking the eyebrow slits, eh?

Critics (for the last time guys, I am NOT a critic) have been calling this movie refreshingly simple… or something. Now let me tell you something, this movie is certainly the most basic Marvel recipe I have ever seen in my life yes it’s pretty simple dammit I have to agree with the critics.


Now, if you guys still don’t know Marvel’s recipe for success, I’ll tell you it now. You take a hot white guy with a twisted sense of humor and shove him in a ridiculous / badass looking costume, take exactly ONE lead female character (no more, no less, and she has to be white… and she’ll probably become the love interest), one POC sidekick (or, in this movie’s case, a few), sometimes an old mentor / nice guy (usually a science-y person), a boring villain that’ll (SPOILERS) probably last one movie before he dies, and Marvel characters from previous movies.

ET VOILA. Recipe for success.


In Ant-Man’s case, hot white man Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang, a criminal and the lesser incarnation of Ant-Man. He has an old mentor, Hank Pym, aka the more important incarnation of Ant-Man who actually created the suit and did all the research and is infinitely more impressive than Scott Lang. Together, Hank and Scott create Tony Stark, with Hank’s genius and Scott’s wit.

Hank Pym has a daughter, Hope Van Dyne, a villain in the books but apparently not yet in the movies. SIDE NOTE: I JUST REALIZED SHE TOOK HER MOTHER’S LAST NAME HELL YEAH! Okay anyways, I’m sure all you comic book lovers are wondering where the hell Janet Van Dyne (aka Wasp) is. Well she’s dead, effectively stopping the movie from having (gasp) two lead females. In addition, Scott Lang has some prison buddies, aka the people of color sidekicks (I think there might be one white sidekick but I’m not sure), who help him with heists and stuff. And then there’s the villain who’s just a super flat guy who of course gets defeated. I’m sorry for the spoiler.


Now all this sarcasm may make it sound like I didn’t like the movie. Oh no, I did enjoy the movie (okay that sounded sarcastic too but I actually did). It was simple, granted, but it’s true that it was relatively refreshing. Everyone misses that nice old origin story and everyone likes seeing their favorite characters reappearing in the movies. Now generally it’s difficult to combine these two, but Ant-Man does a fantastic job of doing so.

The movie was funny, cute, and badass all at the same time. While it didn’t really make me think a lot, it was still exciting and fulfilling: let’s just say it was a really surprisingly nice filler before Marvel’s next main event (you know what it is… it’s my title). And even though the movie was on a much smaller scale (lol I’m so funny), it still was a big hit. Okay you know what I’m done. I’m just going to wrap this review up right now.


ONE MORE THING THOUGH. We know that the most important parts of the movie are always the mid credits and the post credits scenes. Now I don’t want to spoil, so I’ll make it super vague. I can’t exactly explain the mid credits scene without super mega ultra spoilers, but the post credits scene is from right smack in the middle of Civil War. Chris Evans looks hotter than ever.

AND NOW A BEAUTIFUL TRANSITION TO CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR. The official official teams are finally out (sorry I might’ve been a bit wrong in my previous post). According to the official posters it looks like Black Panther is joining Tony’s team, Agent 13 (aka Sharon Carter) is joining Steve’s team, Falcon has a buddy in the air on Steve’s team, and Scarlet Witch is nowhere to be found so go figure.


Also a really, really bad quality teaser of Civil War was leaked a couple of days ago. You literally don’t understand how bad it was unless you’ve seen it. It’s probably been removed from the internet as of now (there’s literally no point but ok), but needless to say it looks like it has a lot of characters. Not what you were expecting me to say, huh? Yeah I’m skeptical about this movie. But that’s a post for another time.

So yeah that was some review. Sorry about that; the reviews become more messed when I get stressed. And I’m stressed for school. THE TEEN LIFE, MAN.

See ya when I start school next week 🙂


Civil War: PICK A SIDE

NOTE: this post was written by a person who hasn’t seen Ant-Man yet so I swear to god if you people know some Civil War stuff because of the movie you better not say it and save us Ant-Man deprived humans from spoilers.

If you aren’t a hard core Marvel fan or maybe just internet deprived then you might not have heard the news: CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR TEAMS ARE OUT!

And now for you guys who are actually REALLY Internet and nerd culture deprived. Captain America: Civil War is a movie that’s coming out in 2016, where Captain America and Iron Man acquire teams and battle it out against each other because of some stuff relating to superhero registration (Iron Man is pro-registration, Cap is anti-registration). It’s basically the opposite of Batman v Superman. Cuz Batman v Superman is bringing the Justice League together whereas Civil War is tearing the Avengers apart.

For months people have been speculating the teams of Civil War. Well, at least I have. But the movie gods have answered our prayers, and thus begins Marvel’s torturous teasing of Civil War.

I WILL NOW REVIEW THE TEAMS and you can decide for yourself whose team you want to be on. Be warned: there is one double agent (and I’ll write my speculations about who this person is)



Captain America (duh): the first Avenger, all around super nice guy. Also Chris Evans. Also really hot. But that’s not a deciding factor right. Right?

Hawkeye: He gained lots love after Age of Ultron. Who doesn’t love a guy who has a really adorable family? He’ll be sure to join Cap’s side with his family’s wishes. Just think about that.

Falcon: How shocking! Cap’s sidekick (and current Cap in the comics) is on his side! Falcon’s pretty badass and while most of the people on this team fight on the ground, it’ll be fun watching Falcon take on essentially everyone from Team Iron Man in the air.

Scarlet Witch: After what Hawkeye did for her, I’m not surprised she’s on this team. Being one of the most powerful Avengers so far, she’ll definitely be a plus to this team.

The Winter Soldier: surprise, surprise. Cap’s best friend is on his side. Well, actually we’ll have to see how his crazy Hydra assassin alter ego gets resolved first.

Ant-Man: I guess reasons why Ant-Man is on Team Cap will become apparent to me after I watch the movie. He’ll definitely be an advantage to Team Cap. He also has a family that he needs to protect, so more righteousness I suppose.

Overall, Cap’s team is strong. However, most of the characters fight on the ground (with the exception of Falcon), which Team Iron Man, which is mainly air-based, can easily exploit. In terms of justification, both Hawkeye and Ant-Man have families they need to protect, so maybe they chose this side because it’s safer for them and for everyone.



Iron Man (duh): Genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist. What if you remove all that? He’s just a poor guy who’s getting over PTSD and who wants to keep his team together at any cost. He wants to go home and end all the fighting. Maybe he’s really the good guy. Or maybe he’ll do anything to stop the fighting for good.

The Vision: This dude has a flipping INFINITY STONE in his forehead. How can Cap’s team win against him? I mean honestly, if it were Vision vs. everyone else, the Vision would win.

Spider-Man: Well he’s finally in the comic universe! If the movie turns out anything like the comics, (SPOILERS!) Spider-Man will switch sides. We’ll see.

Black Widow: This is my WTF. Why the hell is Black Widow on Tony’s side? After everything that happened in Winter Soldier, I’d think that she would be on Steve’s side. Which is why she’s probably the double agent. She owes a lot of loyalty to Steve, and she also has a lot of familial love with Hawkeye. (Then again, if Bruce is in Civil War, then he’d be on Tony’s side, and then Black Widow would be on Bruce’s side… speculation, man)

War Machine: Like Falcon is to Cap, War Machine is to Tony. Marvel’s desperate reach for diversity by making all the sidekicks black. But not making Spider-Man black like in the comics. Hopefully War Machine will get better “moments” in Civil War.

Overall, Iron Man’s team is essentially, how to put it, FREAKING UNBEATABLE. With the Vision holding an infinity stone, and the combined genius of Iron Man and Spider-Man, along with the amount of aerial attacks they can perform, Team Iron Man is sure to win. Unless, of course, someone on Team Iron Man spills all the secrets to Team Cap. In terms of justification, no one has as big a family as Ant-Man or Hawkeye, so they’re obviously fighting for different reasons.



Grade: A++++++++++++++++++++ (times infinity… war)


As anyone who has read my blog knows, I’ve been waiting for this movie for at least a year now. And I am FAR from disappointed.

Besides the insane success of making approximately $185,000,000 more than any other movie in the box office at the moment, Age of Ultron is so fulfilling to fans that they’ll probably be fidgeting and squealing in their seats. Okay, that might’ve just been me but I was literally dying in the movie theater.

But honestly, whether you’re a new fan or an old fan or a MCU fan or a comics fan, if this movie doesn’t make you squeal with delight, then you’re either emotionless… or a critic… or both.


Wait am I technically a critic? I prefer to go by critique-r. Which is not a word.

Anyways, since I have no idea how to form this review seeing as the movie was too epic and I’m still slightly in shock, I guess I’ll just go with my classic list format and give you the TOP 5 MOST AWESOMELY AWESOME THINGS ABOUT AGE OF ULTRON.


1) An absolute plethora of characters. You thought Marvel couldn’t fit in all the anticipated characters without screwing up the film completely. Well, HAHA YOU’RE WRONG! Whether the characters got a lot of action time or a little bit of action time, everyone was a badass.

All your beloved Avengers return (some with their respective movie partners, like Captain America with Falcon or Iron Man with Iron Patriot), along with new characters, like Quicksilver, Ulysses Klaue, Scarlet Witch, and the Vision. How Marvel managed to include them all… you’ll just have to see.


2) Character development. In terms of character development, obviously the people without individual movies got the most: Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch (sorry Quicksilver you kind of got left in the dump).

Black Widow’s backstory gets explored quite thoroughly, yet we still have absolutely no idea what happened in Budapest (THANKS WHEDON). Also, I hated her entire relationship with Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk – partially because I ship Clintasha but mostly because it made Black Widow seem weak. Hawkeye actually turns out to have a really nice life outside of Avenging. No spoilers, but now I’m squinting at his relationship with Black Widow in the first Avengers. And of course, new girl Scarlet Witch undergoes some intense character development… which you can probably deduce from watching the trailers.


3) ACTION TO THE MAX! The movie starts off with a fight scene and there are like 10 more fight scenes and literally 2/3rds of the movie are fight scenes. There’s individual badass-ness and TEAMWORK EPICNESS. There’s slow-motion and explosions and basically everything you could ever wish for.

4) Humor, humor, humor. When I wasn’t freaking out during the fight scenes I was laughing at the quips and witty retorts of the characters. There are some running jokes throughout the entire movie (and they don’t get old). Also there are some scenes where characters simply fail so much at talking that you’re simultaneously like “HAHAHA” and “oh my god that’s me.”


5) References to past films and illusions to future films. Marvel is very good at referencing their own films explicitly but not explicitly enough to make it sound like an advertisement.

Of course Marvel had to reference past films because, you know, if you were Marvel then you would never stop talking about your achievements. Falcon mentions the search for Bucky, Captain America references Natasha’s “flirting,” and of course the entire movie is just an allusion to the first Avengers. Duh.


Marvel also never fails to allude to future films. The rising tensions between Iron Man and Captain America, along with (SPOILERS!) the appearance of new Avengers (Scarlet Witch, Iron Patriot, Falcon), all lead up to Captain America: Civil War. Thor has some visions which set up for Thor: Ragnarok (let me tell you, they are not good visions). Black Panther is alluded to when the Avengers go to Africa to find a supply of Vibranium. And of course, all the mentions of the infinity stones (or gems or whatever) lead up to the main event of the MCU, Marvel’s INFINITY WAR!!!!!!!!!


And thus ends the Avengers as we know it (SO MANY TEARS). But never fear! Ant-Man is about to close up the Marvel’s ultra-successful Phase 2, and Phase 3 promises the arrivals of Black Panther, Captain Marvel (who’s actually Ms. Marvel), Doctor Strange, and the Inhumans. The Guardians of the Galaxy also join together with the Avengers for the Infinity Wars. And of course, Marvel’s new partnership with Sony finally, FINALLY brings Spider-Man into the canon MCU.



Daredevil: A Catholic Lawyer Vigilante… :)

Grade: A+++++


Isn’t it gorgeous.


Huzzah! It’s Marvel’s newest Netflix original series, which was completely overshadowed by Age of Ultron (which I can’t see until next week URGGGH) even though it came out on April 10th.

This show is probably totally overrated but I don’t really care because IT’S NOT OVERRATED TO ME!


Contrary to the belief of imdb, Daredevil is not in fact about the Flash, but it’s actually about Daredevil! I know, I’m sure you guys are shocked to learn this piece of news, but The Flash tells the story of the Flash.

And for you disbelievers out there about the IMDB falsehood, let me present to you, figure 1:

 Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 7.35.19 PM

But enough about the discrepancies of the internet these days. It’s time for the review!

Daredevil takes place in Hells Kitchen, aka very close to the place where the Avengers demolished everything. It tells the story of a lawyer named Matt Murdock. A very, very hot lawyer, who also happens to be VERY shirtless a lot of the time. While a lawyer by day, he’s a vigilante by night, going around and fighting crime in a black mask. Eventually, Matt discovers that the majority of crime seems to be centered around a certain group of people, who all seem to be following a single person whose name I cannot mention because then the entire series will be spoiled.

Fine, it’s Kingpin. But they don’t actually refer to the character as Kingpin in the series so I get a pass.


Matt also happens to be a devout Catholic, which is quite the struggle considering he beats up people every night. Anyhow, his Catholicism causes him to grapple with what’s right and what’s wrong – how far would he be willing to go to keep his city safe?

Surprisingly, the villain gets quite a bit of fleshing-out as well. Kingpin gets almost as much as a childhood backstory as Matt himself does. He also gets a gorgeous and loyal wife  whom he loves dearly. His intentions for the city are… uh… the same as Matt’s (A+ intentions, D execution)? And… uh… you start feeling bad for the dude.


The directors or writers or whatever said that the show would “blur the line between good and evil.” WELL, THEY WEREN’T LYING.

In fact, most of the characters get their own complicated stories, which weave and intertwine with other characters’ stories. Karen Page, Matt’s assistant in his law firm, goes out hunting the truth by herself. Foggy Nelson, Matt’s partner, cleverly manages to wheedle information out of his ex-girlfriend (ikr how r00d).



1) The premise of the show is extremely dark and gritty… literally. I mean, it’s so dark sometimes that you can’t even see what’s happening (you’ve just got to turn your brightness all the way up). It’s like Marvel’s preparing to mourn for Captain America’s impending death. At least the darkness makes the show seem more realistic and epic anyways. As for the grittiness… well, it’s about as bloody as you can get outside of the land known as HBO.

2) The fight scenes and stunt scenes are insanely good… and there are a lot of them. It’s like Captain America: Winter Soldier elevator and highway fight scene level… well at least close to it (nothing can beat Captain America: Winter Soldier). For those of you who don’t speak Marvel Cinematic Universe, allow me to present to you, figure 2:


That, my friends, is the highway fight scene.

3) Strategies and corruption. Like, the amount of people Kingpin has paid off to represent him is insane: policemen, media peoples, judges, even senators. He’s able to twist people’s public images and dispose of anyone who might reveal him. Gives you an insight to how much power rich people have, eh?

4) An excellent buildup for the next season. Season 1 was insane, but it also left dozens of opportunities for the next few seasons. Meaning, either Marvel will screw it up completely because there are way too many things to do, or, knowing Marvel’s excellent track record in the last 7 or so years, Marvel will make it TOTALLY AWESOME!


5) Crossovers with other Marvel Netflix shows and connections to the greater Marvel Comic Universe. Which, if you’re a die-hard Marvel or just MCU fan, should excite you just as much as it excited me. First of all, there are 4 other superhero shows coming along on Netflix: AKA Jessica Jones (which stars David Tennant), Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders. The Defenders is a team-up of the aforementioned superheroes plus Daredevil. Yes, I was brought to tears of joy when I found that out. NO YOU CANNOT JUDGE ME.

And of course, most importantly, Daredevil is canon to the greater MCU universe. For those of you who do not speak fandom, canon means that it actually connects to everything (which could potentially lead to crossovers). I will now present to you, figure 3:


Taken straight from episode 12.

I’m dead. Bye now.

i'm dead



I don’t know how many trailers there have been for Age of Ultron.

And frankly I don’t care.


I lost the ability to speak for around 10 minutes after watching this trailer due to the fact that I was screaming internally and externally and I was freaking out so much and I’m just TOO EXCITED.


A few highlights:

1) Hulk x Natasha is a thing. My OTP has died. Clintasha is over. RIP.

2) Super badass team shots. So many shots of them working together.

3) Perhaps an allusion to Wolverine in that weird contraption that Hawkeye uses?

4) Scarlett Witch hypnotizing (?) Black Widow. That explains all her visions of her past (remember the ballerinas from the previous trailers?). It also explains why Peggy is going to be in Age of Ultron.

5) THE VISION!!!!!!!!!

Okay bye now I’m going to watch
this trailer approximately 10000 more times and freak out a bit more.


Age of Ultron Trailer: Nobody Even Knows What’s Happening Anymore

Even though I suggested that Marvel already ran out of ideas for how to market Age of Ultron (hint hint my Ant-Man Trailer review), I was clearly wrong.

Be prepared for the fourth trailer of Age of Ultron, which is shorter than the first trailer, shorter than the trailer with the special look, and shorter than the extended trailer.

Age of Ultron features a completely different view to the movie than the last trailer… haha no.

It features the same song, but remixed differently (and worse). It features the hulk struggling to contain himself. It features more explosions, an equally dark premise, and Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver suffering from loyalty issues.

In addition, this new trailer shows scenes extended from the last original trailer. For example, you finally figure out what happens from this scene:


You also get lovely extended scenes of Hulk vs. Iron Man since we totally want to see the Avengers falling apart further. You also get to see Thor vs. Iron Man. And Captain America: Civil War is about Captain America vs. Iron Man.

Well, when Tony Stark said that he was volatile, self-obsessed, and didn’t play well with others, he wasn’t lying.



And, of course, you get to see the Avengers being destroyed slowly… again. You thought Hulk falling apart was bad? You thought Captain America’s shield cracking was bad? Be prepared to watch Thor being electrocuted by lightning (which, if you don’t know, he can control).

However, probably most ominously, is Ultron’s line in the trailer:

“I’m going to tear you apart. From the inside.”