Hello Fellow Geeks!

Hey guys! My name is Grace, and I live in NYC. Everything’s amazing here: the people, the places, and the opportunities. In the city you get to explore so many things, but sometimes it’s just good to watch a movie, get obsessed with a TV show, listen to an album, or read a good book. In fact, movies, music, TV shows, and books are pretty much universal, and they can bring you to so many places without even having to travel. So, you can roughly expect what this blog is going to be about: the best books, the best movies, the best music, and the best TV shows for all you geeks and nerds out there who don’t want to leave the house 🙂

There’ll be a new update every week about a book, movie, song/album, or TV show that I enjoy. If you guys have any suggestions about a book, movie, song/album, or TV show, then shoot me an email at geekxcritique@gmail.com, and I’ll try to get into it and write a review.