Music For Boredom

Hellooooo readers!

I’m stuck at golf camp aka I have no time to do anything except maybe binge watch YouTuber danisnotonfire before bed and not get sleep. So I don’t have a review today. Sorry y’all.


Ha just kidding. I have been forced by the worst person in the world (nah she’s not… Whoops I have revealed her gender) to write this post even though I don’t have time.

Anyways, I have a roommate who has the same music taste as me so there’s usually music playing in our room. So I was inspired to write this post, whether you’re on a car trip or you need to drown out your life, I hope this list of songs can help you.

So now, I present, MY TOP 10 FAVORITE SONGS. As the aforementioned worst person once said, your favorite songs aren’t the ones that you listen to all the time, but the ones that you never get sick of. Or at least I think that’s what she said but I have a memory span of approximately 2 seconds so I don’t actually know.

In no particular order (excluding the first one), only songs with lyrics (or else I would pull all my hair out deciding jk I already have)… Ok I’ll stop stalling now.

1) Hero by Family of the Year. I bet you weren’t surprised. I’m probably impacted by this song a lot because of Boyhood (which you should watch or FINISH IN SOME CASES).

2) The Giving Tree by Plain White T’s. It’s basically a lullaby. A very, very depressing lullaby.

3) Au Revoir by OneRepublic. One of the prettiest songs I’ve ever heard.

4) Step by Vampire Weekend. When I was in dance class some people danced to it. My group used the song Reflections, which I now hate because it’s pitchy and annoying (I mean I always disliked it but now I hate it). But this song is cool.

5) Some Nights by Fun. Other than the terrible, terrible T-Pain-like autotuned part of the song it’s totally awesome.

6) Pompeii by Bastille. Best listened to with headphones on. The sound travels from one ear to the other. It’s like magic.

7) I Lived by OneRepublic. A song to remind you to live. Which we all need. Because 99% of us are dead.

8) To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra. It reminds me of Harry Potter. I cried. (If you don’t understand this reference watch Snape’s Diary.

9) Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine. It was in Twilight but I DONT CARE BECAUSE NOW IM A FAT HOUSE CAT NURSING MY SORE BLUNT TONGUE.

10) Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s. It used to be my favorite song… That is back when I didn’t listen to music.

And now for some honorable mentions, aka the songs I like that I didn’t feel like adding a description for. There are a lot.

Demons by Imagine Dragons, On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons, Warriors by Imagine Dragons, Battle Cry by Imagine Dragons, Immortals by Fall Out Boy, Holiday by Green Day, Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men, Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men, Burning Bridges by OneRepublic, What You Wanted by OneRepublic, Beautiful Crime by Tamer, East of Eden by Zella Day, Drive By by Train, The a Team by Ed Sheeran, Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood, Running Up That Hill by Placebo, Ain’t It Fun by Paramore, Take A Walk by Passion Pit, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, Renegades by X Ambassadors

Wow this post was disorganized. WELL THATS WHAT COMES OUT OF WRITING THINGS IN A RUSH. Lesson learned: don’t procrastinate things. So go do your summer work bye.


Looking for Antarctica… I mean, Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

Grade: A-

I mentioned this book in a Weekly Suggestion here. But yeah, I’ll be totally honest with you when I wrote that weekly suggestion I had only gotten 15 pages into the book. Also I accidentally skipped the first page which I didn’t realize until I was on page 50.


As I mentioned in my Weekly Suggestion, this book is an epistolary, or a book that’s comprised of letters. It’s not just that, though. The narrator also tells her side of the story while interweaving the letters and emails and whatnot.


The book chronicles a tale of Bee, her tragically misunderstood mother Bernadette, her rich and smart but completely personality-less father, and a bunch of annoying mothers. Throughout the book, layers and layers of stories are revealed; everyone has a different perspective, lies are told, misunderstandings happen, DISASTER!

Note to the world: misunderstandings are the cause of like, a lot of dramatic things. *Cough* French Revolution.


Okay back to the story.

Bernadette Fox is an agoraphobic woman (relatable) who is generally terrified of people (also relatable) and is completely haunted by a past event (also relatable) only referred to as “That Horrible Thing” until it is finally described later. Her unwillingness to go outside and bond with people ultimately causes the aforementioned misunderstandings to happen, building in a climax that is kind of ruined by the title of the book. Yep, she disappears.


Her daughter, Bee, has to figure out what happened to her mother (because her father was way too busy working at Microsoft on this insanely improbable project to even care) by collecting all the letters and emails and whatnot that make up this book.

The book does an amazing job at portraying how dumb and annoying and vapid people can be. It also does an amazing job at portraying the complexity of humans, which I realize kind of goes against my previous sentence. Humans are all annoying and stupid sure, but they’re also good. Or at least they have the capacity to be surprisingly okay. #JohnLockeandJohnlockSupporter


Before I get to the rest of my nice critiques, here are a couple of things that annoyed me and therefore dropped this book’s grade to an A-. First of all, why did the Asian character have to be the totally sexually proactive one… if you’ve never heard of that stereotype have fun googling. Second, the Microsoft project that Bee’s father was working on (briefly mentioned earlier) is essentially impossible. Also the outcome of the project was rather frustrating. Third, I felt as if the buildup of the story was extremely rich and intense, but the ending was rather rushed and disappointing.


But okay. There’s a reason why this book was in the A zone instead of the B or the C or (god forbid) the D zone. And as y’all know (or will know) I judge things by several criteria: how much emotion the thing produced from me (laughed a lot, so check), general plot line (great buildup, disappointingly fast climax), totally awesomely deep characters with a lot of development (CHECK x100), and stuff that I learned.

So now (surprise surprise) there’s going to be a list. Here’s the list of the TOP 4 THINGS I LEARNED FROM WHERE’D YOU GO, BERNADETTE?


1) Spend more time with your family. Connect with them so they never feel lonely. Get to know them so that you understand them. Or so that (vague spoiler!) you never accidentally accuse them for some terrible thing and then completely ruin their life. And the rest of your family’s life. And also so you don’t go completely insane.

2) Get to know people better. This pertains to your family and also everyone else in the universe. People you hate could end up being awesome (or, I mean, they could still end up being awful, in which case yay you were right). Or maybe, getting to know people better could cause you to change.


3) Find something that you believe in and don’t be a sheep. The book happened to contain a lot of satire about religion. Crazy Jesus freaks, hypocritical Christian ladies – the whole 9 yards. Throughout the book, some people give up faith (after realizing how sheeplike they were being), some people accept a sort of faith, some people have a reawakening of faith, etc. Personally, I’m agnostic, but who am I to stop you if you have some sort of spiritual awakening or… spiritual sleepening?

4) Do what you love. Don’t give up on it because people bring you down or you don’t believe in yourself anymore. The things you love stop you from going crazy.


Alright that ended on a super deep note. Well, BYE!

PS: I won’t be here for 3 weeks but I’ll still try to post. I’ll be posting from my phone though, so no gifs. Sorry y’all if you love my gifs. Yay for y’all who hate my gifs.