The Nerd Side of YouTube

It’s around that time of year when half the teenage population is freaking out over finals while the other half of the teenage population is preparing for summer vacation and the other half of the teenage population is bored as hell.

^As you can see, I clearly passed my math midterm.


Anyways, whether you’re struggling to find study material that’s interesting or you just want to watch videos to seem smarter, I have compiled a list of YouTubers that you can effectively procrastinate to while watching.

Disclaimer: obviously I can’t even include half the amazing educational YouTube channels, but I mean if you’re interested then you’ll find a way to find all of them.

Alright, ALLONS-Y!


CrashCourse: Everyone’s favorite. It’s probably the best channel to watch if you have to cram study for an exam or a test the next day. The channel started off with Hank and John Green (everyone’s favorite nerdy brotherly duo), but now it features such humans like WheezyWaiter (fun fact: he has clones). CrashCourse currently has videos on US government and politics, astronomy, anatomy & physiology, world history, big history (aka history of the universe), psychology, literature, US history, chemistry, ecology, and biology. So go forth and study! Or, if you just want to procrastinate efficiently, I suggest you start off with World History I.

Vsauce: This channel is not for studying (sorry exam-taking people); it’s a knowing-random-facts-so-you-seem-smart-in-trivia channel. Vsauce often starts off on one topic and then transitions to at least 10 more topics over the course of the video. Vsauce also has older videos that have nothing to do with being smart, but rather for finding weird things on the internet, like LUT or DONG or IMG. Okay yeah I know I sound like I’m spewing out random inappropriate words, but they are actual video playlists. Don’t watch them unless you’re really desperate to procrastinate (which, I mean, if you’re reading this post right now you probably are).


MinuteEarth / MinutePhysics: These are technically two different channels but since they’re run by the same dude, I’m smushing them together as one. If you want super duper brief explanations about anything, these two channels are for you. Most of the videos are under 4 minutes long (yes, even the ones that explain dark matter or relativity). Some of the videos can help you in school, but some of them are just videos you can answer to look extra smart in trivia.

CGP Grey: He’s probably my favorite YouTuber but he never posts. Also if you want to study for an exam or something you probably shouldn’t watch his videos. But, if you want to know facts that you never knew that you needed to know (that sentence made 0 sense), then he’s the guy for you. Also, his videos always sound really sarcastic, which is definitely a plus.


Kurz Gesagt – In a Nutshell: Again, a YouTube channel that never posts. But at least this guy (or these guys) has an excuse: the channel animates everything. Kurz Gesagt always takes complicated current topics like climate change or ISIS or measles or ebola, and manages to make everything simple. Not to mention that the animations are amazingly clear. So, if you have absolutely 0 idea what the world news means, Kurz Gesagt is the channel for you.

ViHart: Because I have yet to mention a YouTuber that deals with math… here’s ViHart! ViHart basically inspired me to draw Sierpinski’s triangles in math classes for the rest of my life. Not to mention that she taught me about Fibonacci numbers and parabolas and ellipses and cardioids and like a billion other things. If you don’t know her for being ViHart, then maybe you recognize her from that one tumblr post with her video How To Toothpaste. This video: Yeah she’s crazy.


Now obviously I didn’t include half the amazing educational YouTubers on my list because I would’ve taken up my entire day writing about them. But anyways, here are a couple more: Veritaserum, Numberphile, Sixty Symbols, Smarter Every Day, AsapSCIENCE, Scishow, and thebrainscoop.

Now go forth and watch all these YouTubers. I’m going to procrastinate for 10 hours.



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