Age of Ultron Trailer: Nobody Even Knows What’s Happening Anymore

Even though I suggested that Marvel already ran out of ideas for how to market Age of Ultron (hint hint my Ant-Man Trailer review), I was clearly wrong.

Be prepared for the fourth trailer of Age of Ultron, which is shorter than the first trailer, shorter than the trailer with the special look, and shorter than the extended trailer.

Age of Ultron features a completely different view to the movie than the last trailer… haha no.

It features the same song, but remixed differently (and worse). It features the hulk struggling to contain himself. It features more explosions, an equally dark premise, and Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver suffering from loyalty issues.

In addition, this new trailer shows scenes extended from the last original trailer. For example, you finally figure out what happens from this scene:


You also get lovely extended scenes of Hulk vs. Iron Man since we totally want to see the Avengers falling apart further. You also get to see Thor vs. Iron Man. And Captain America: Civil War is about Captain America vs. Iron Man.

Well, when Tony Stark said that he was volatile, self-obsessed, and didn’t play well with others, he wasn’t lying.



And, of course, you get to see the Avengers being destroyed slowly… again. You thought Hulk falling apart was bad? You thought Captain America’s shield cracking was bad? Be prepared to watch Thor being electrocuted by lightning (which, if you don’t know, he can control).

However, probably most ominously, is Ultron’s line in the trailer:

“I’m going to tear you apart. From the inside.”



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